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[Xbox360 | PS3] Resident Evil Revelations Save Editor

Resident Evil Revelations Save Editor

- Resident Evil Revelations Save Editor -

ModyMart developer K.G 971 released his latest save editor for sell. Resident Evil Revelations Save Editor on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

It’s time to unlock everything in both story mode & raid mode. Get unlimited ammos, herbs and much more. You have a large panel of features to chose for you to get the best gaming experience you want. You can even play as Rachael in story mode, or play as Jill in her wet suit in raid mode & story mode.

You want to add multiple damages mods part to your weapons ? Or even get a auto loader for your gun ?  Well now it’s possible to cheat with the various Resident Evil Revelation Hacks this program offers.

Personal Comment: I have to admit, Rachael have 2 of the most incredible weapons in this game, if you see what I mean…

  • Features

Editor for Retail Xbox 360 & PS3:

☑ Mod All Inventory (Amounts & Items, Grenades ect…) (Story Mode and Raid Mode)
☑ Mod Weapons (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Max ammos & consumables (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlimited ammos & consummables (Raid Mode)
☑ Remove weapons mods limit (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Outfits & Characters (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Weapons (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Unlock all Weapons Mods (Raid Mode & Story Mode)
☑ Mod Battle Points (points to buy stuff in the store)
☑ Level & Current Level Mods (Set your level & current level to 100 Max)
☑ Max Level Weapons (Get all rares Level 50 weapons)
☑ Play as Modifiers (Play as a custom character in story mode & raid mode)
▪ For example, play as Rachael in Story mode, and Jill Wetsuit in Raid mode

The most complete editor on the scene as we speak.

Download Link:
Visit the forum topic to learn more about it

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