[Xbox360 | PS3] Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor

Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor

Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor

Here comes the best game of the year according to many, Grand Theft Auto V, or GTA V to be short. I can’t miss an opportunnity like this, so I decided to work on a GTA V Save editor. And here we go. As usual, a lot of hardwork put into this peice of sofware.

AES Encryption, 2nd encryption, Checksum, all these security checks I broke to give you the best Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor on the scene. Working on both PS3 & Xbox 360. I had already broke the security checks since 2 days after the game was released, but because of hight risks of keys copyright, I couldn’t release the save editor until now.

Now you may know THQ (former game company) have taken down some of my videos. As a result I decided to upload all my GTA V hacks video to daylimotion. Here is the youtube video explaining why I can’t post videos of the Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor on youtube:



Enough talking, here is what the Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor can do:

  • Features

Editor for Retail Xbox 360 & PS3:

☑ Max abilities/capacities for ALL of the characters
☑ Max out ammos and attachements for ALL characters
☑ Unlock weapons (give a set of weapon to ALL 3 charaters)
☑ Mod money
☑ Mod the stats of ALL the characters !
Note: it’s missing just a fiew of them, will be updated soon.
☑ Car modifiers! (change your current car to another, change its plate, max out the specs)
eg: you can have the Elegy RH8 aka Nissan Skyline GT-R !
Drive Franklin’s car with Trevor etc…
☑ Shirtless characters modifiers!
Remove Michael, Trevor and Franklin’s underwear, shirt and shoes.
This editor is single player mode only, it’s not for online.

GTA V: Save Editor – Part 1 Video

GTA V: Save Editor – Part 2 Video

GTA V: Save Editor – Part 2 Video

Paypal Link (Download the GTA V T.O.S pdf file):
visit the forum topic to learn more about it


Download directly the T.O.S (GTA V – Terms of Sale and Terms of Use)

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